Burnout Relief is in Sight!

Remember when you first started being a nurse practitioner and you felt energized, motivated and excited? Ready to get back to that feeling? Would you like to start enjoying your work, regaining your compassion and feeling motivated again?

You don’t have to stay burned out; there is help for you. You can start feeling better right away, no matter how burned out you feel with the Burnout Recovery Guide. Register for an account to get your free sample. If you like what you see, buy the guide, knowing that even if it doesn’t help you feel less burned out, we’ll pay for your wasted time. 

The Burnout Recovery Guide is a twenty-one day program that details a directive, easy-to-follow mindfulness-based set of readings and exercises to lead you toward wellness, centeredness and reconnecting with the present. Every reading and activity in the guide can be completed in five minutes or less.

Mindfulness is one of the simplest, most effective methods for burnout relief. Mindfulness was first defined by its founder, Jon Kabat-Zinn, as: “paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally, to the unfolding of experience moment to moment.” The Guide uses various modalities to help you get in touch with mindfulness, and with yourself, colleagues and patients.

The Burnout Recovery Guide is set up in seven modules, three days in each module. It follows a workday seeing patients in your clinic. Modules include: (1) commuting to work, (2) morning huddle, (3) morning patients, (4) having lunch, (5) afternoon huddle, (6) afternoon patients, and (7) going home.

Each “Day” in the Guide has a one-page introduction concisely explaining the concepts. The second page for each Day includes the exercise itself, an intention to keep throughout the day and a tip. There is also an optional “Going Deeper” section for those who have more than five minutes. Each Day includes no more than two pages of text, so you can get into the exercises and feeling better as quickly as possible.

If you purchase a copy of the guide and don’t feel any relief from using it, we will pay you $55 per hour for your time. It takes about two hours to read and perform all the exercises in the Burnout Recovery Guide, so you can receive up to $110. There is no small print, and no catch. This offer is more than a 100% refund. You can take advantage of this guarantee any time within sixty days of  purchasing the guide. Unlike with CME credits, we won’t make you “prove” anything; it’s on the honor system. 

The Burnout Recovery Guide is written directly to you by Samantha Alvarez, an NP and mindfulness expert with eleven years of personal experience in mindfully beating burnout. The guide is a directive, easy read detailing a twenty-one day program to help you start beating burnout now. To learn more about Samantha, see our About Me page.

Still not sure if this is legitimate? See our FAQ, Check out our Testimonials, and see reviews of the Burnout Recovery Guide by prominent NP bloggers Nurse Barb and Dr Jenni.

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The Burnout Recovery Guide is available in EPUB, Kindle and PDF formats, and the first 10 pages of each is available free as a sample to registered users. Register here to access your free sample. Those who buy the Premium Edition will also get access to a wide variety of written, audio and video multimedia content associated with the book. Multimedia content includes: an audio version of the book read by the author; almost three hours of interviews with experts in the fields of mindfulness, nursing and medicine; over twenty PDFs used or cited in the guide, and several videos. The book is also available in print. Contact us if you would like to buy a print version.

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