Mindfulness Exercises are the best!

Mindfulness exercises are one of the best ways I know how to reduce stress. I’ve used exercises like the ones in this book to help me through some of the most difficult times of my life. I found this book to be an excellent guide on learning how to implement mindfulness in your daily life.

Julie Angellotti, DDS, Director of Dental Services, Marana Health Center, Marana, AZ

This is great!

This is great! I was belly breathing while I read it. Burn out is very common, but not commonly discussed. I kept thinking about how many people I've worked with who would appreciate your message.

Kathryn Sisterman, NP, University Medical Center Cardiology Department, Tucson, AZ

Could hear your voice throughout!

I love that I can hear your voice throughout. I really appreciate the lunchtime walk because that is such an important time for me.

Aviva Rubin, NP, Clinica del Alma Health Center, Tucson, AZ

This works for me!

I love it! This is so awesome! I am going to make it work for me!

Deborah Hanks, NP, Santa Catalina Health Center, Tucson, AZ

A personal touch

I enjoyed reading your guide and found it very helpful. I especially liked the personal touch – your personal stories and how you incorporated them into your guide.

Lisa Breiterman, NP, East Side Health Center, Tucson, AZ

The Book speaks to me!

The book really speaks to me about the stress of our jobs and how, if we don't care for ourselves first and foremost, we cannot take care of our patients. I love the emphasis placed on taking "mini breaks.” When I take them, I feel refreshed, energized, and more ready to take on the next challenges ahead of me, much more so than if I had kept working those two extra minutes.

Alexandra Riley, NP , El Rio Community Health Center ,Tucson, AZ

Opinions changed!

My fellow colleague and friend Samantha Alvarez asked me to read her book “Burnout Recovery Guide”. I incorporated her suggestions into my daily routine, at first thinking “this is silly” and “it won’t help”. However, within a week I did feel better!
Working with clients who “need” us carries with it burden unlike any other. Most of us gladly accept it as our calling and with the help of this book; we can stay helpful to ourselves and our patients.
Thank you so much Samantha!!

Kimberly Eckley, NP Northwest OB/GYN Tucson, AZ

Sensible, Jargon-free prose

I appreciated that your sparkling personality shone through the prose. I liked that you didn't get bogged down in jargon and that your advice is accessible. I didn't feel like you fell into any New Agey pitfalls or sounded too clinical. It’s easy to read in bursts, which the busy NP will appreciate.

Sami Gardner, Tucson, AZ


LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!! Funny! Instructions are very clear, it is very engaging!!!! Can you train me and my staff?

Jenitza Serrano-Feliciano, MD Chief Medical Officer Marana Health Center Marana, AZ

Powerful book of self-awareness

This powerful book of self-awareness is chock-full of tools for overcoming the battlefield in our mind. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to re-energize their career as a medical provider.

Mindy Baehr , NP Senza Pelo Med Spa Phoenix, AZ

It’s super encouraging

It’s super encouraging that we don’t all have to be mindful zen masters right out of the gate (or even ever). Excellent!

Jessica Suhowatsky, NP-S Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN