How To Revitalize Your Skin In 5 Seconds: Beginner’s Guide

The sharply dressed nurse practitioner opens her eyes. She lets out the breath she didn’t realize she was holding and looks up with a small brave smile. She takes a deep breath in and lets it out again, now feeling centered. She squares and relaxes her shoulders, clears her mind and steps forward to knock on the medical director’s door. She wonders if she will still have a job after this meeting, but feels ready for whatever comes next.

When you are worried or anxious like the nurse practitioner above, you may furrow your brow, sweat profusely, tighten your muscles and have difficulty concentrating on the present moment. Your heart rate and blood pressure both go up, and dramatically decrease blood flow to your skin, masking the radiant glow your skin naturally emanates.

Beautiful Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness powerfully blocks your body’s acute stress response, and the benefits are numerous, wide-reaching and cost nothing to implement.

Mindfulness decreases the effects of chronic stress too, resulting in potentially dramatic benefits in unearthing your skin’s natural beauty, with no products needed. Mindfulness improves circulation, mood, digestion, wound healing, and skin conditions caused by stress such as dry skin, eczema, redness and sensitivity.

One Beautiful Breath

You can access mindfulness’ beauty benefits with a single breath. With one deep conscious breath, you decrease worry lines, frown lines, scrunched-up eyes and sweating, and increase blood flow to your skin, resulting in improved natural glow within five seconds.

One Beautiful Week

Mindfulness reveals your skin’s natural glow throughout the days and weeks as well. Decreased cortisol level from daily mindfulness increases circulation, improving wound healing, skin tone and decreasing breakouts, with noticeable changes possible within a few days.

One Beautiful Month

When you practice mindfulness every day for a month, you begin to access the full benefits to your beauty regimen. Your new skin cells benefit from improved nourishment for their entire epidermal turnover cycle, further enhancing your skin’s natural radiance. Hemoglobin a1c can begin to decrease as well due to decreased cortisol, improving wound healing and decreasing bothersome skin disturbances.

There’s No Such Thing As “Wrong” Mindfulness

Research does show that longer periods of mindfulness result in greater benefits, but mindfulness can be overwhelming to a beginner, and it’s much more important to get started than to get it “right.” If you’ve already got a mindfulness practice, increasing up to at least 45 minutes per day has shown increased health and skin benefits with each time increment.

Mindfulness doesn’t need to be complicated, or scary. Try any of the three techniques described below and see which provide you peace of mind.

Beginner Mindfulness Technique #1 – Just Breathe

Sit or stand up straight and take a slow deep breath in through your nose, breathing all the way down to the bottom of your belly. Close your eyes and pay attention to the sensation of the breath at your nostrils. Does it feel warm? Cold? Strange? Open your mouth and let the breath out, again slowly. Pay attention to the sensation of the breath on your lips. Does it feel different than your nostrils? The same? Does it tickle?

That’s it, you just meditated! Mindfulness meditation isn’t about accomplishing anything, it’s about getting your mind a short break from whatever is occupying it. When you get a little distance from whatever is bothering you, you can deal with it more easily. Also, the deep breath delivers a powerful oxygen boost to your brain, skin and muscles to keep them performing at top levels and keep you looking and feeling your best.

Beginner Mindfulness Technique #2 – Body Awareness

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and pay attention to sensations in your body. Are your muscles tired, tight or even clenched? Do you feel pain anywhere? Are you hungry or thirsty? Are your eyes burning or tired? Are you cold, warm or just right? Don’t judge what you are feeling: just notice it.

Beginner Mindfulness Technique #3 – Find Your Flow

Mindfulness Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting in one place. Anything that puts you into a “flow” state has similar benefits to meditations like the above. For example, if you love to sing, sing something. If you love dancing, then dance. If you love to read fiction, curl up and lose yourself in a good book. Accessing “flow consciousness” with any technique that allows you to lose track of time and just enjoy being in the present moment relaxes your brain and offers nearly identical benefits to sitting thoughtful meditations.


Mindfulness meditation techniques directly benefit health and beauty, especially natural skin radiance. Try the above mindfulness techniques for five minutes a day for the next seven days and see how beautiful you look and feel.

Take it one breath at a time and let me know how you do in the comments below!