Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Samantha Alvarez?
Why should I listen to her?

I am a nurse, a Family Practice NP, a mindfulness practitioner, a meditator, a polyglot, an adventurer and a healer. I am deeply experienced in both health care and mindfulness, and I can attest to the fact that the mindfulness has done incredible things for maintaining my sanity and centeredness in the midst of my own moderate-to-severe burnout.

You should listen to me because my goal is to help you maintain your sanity, centeredness and health too, and because I explain mindfulness in a way that is easy to understand and put to use immediately.

What is the difference between HealthyNP and the Burnout Recovery Guide?

HealthyNP is a free resource and community for Nurse Practitioners who are wrestling with stress and burnout. I blog about my experiences and share helpful tips, resources and information about burnout and stress relief. Through the Burnout Recovery Bulletin, I share additional tips and resources to those who are truly committed to feeling better. 

The Burnout Recovery Guide is an ebook plus multimedia package that offers a roadmap to burnout relief in twenty-one days, five minutes at a time. I do charge for the guide; it is the culmination of years of research and writing, and using it is the fastest way to access my wisdom and start feeling better immediately. 

What if I don’t know how to meditate, or I always fail when I try to meditate? This seems kind of daunting to me. Will the Burnout Recovery Guide still help me?

Absolutely, yes. The Burnout Recovery Guide is designed for people who have no idea what mindfulness is, and who don’t know how to meditate. Already knowing how to meditate or be mindful will certainly help, but is not required to get the benefits from this book. This is not a “sit quietly for forty-five minutes” kind of meditation. The readings and activities are quick, in-the-moment, and directly related to your life in the clinic.

How do I know this really works? You did promise, after all…

It’s not just me that says it works. Mindfulness is well documented Evidence-Based Medicine. Hundreds of studies have been performed on mindfulness over the past 30 years. I have read many hundreds of those studies, and I have yet to see a single one that fails to strongly recommend mindfulness. I include over 30 specific references in my book to back this up for all you EBM and researchy types out there.

Can I get my money back if your book doesn’t help me?

I believe so much in my product that I’m willing to offer MORE than 100% of your money back. I’ll pay you $55 per hour for up to two hours ($110) if you don’t feel any burnout relief after buying the guide. You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it, since I’ll pay you for any time you wasted, up to sixty days from your purchase of the guide. There is no small print, and no catch. Just let me know that the guide didn’t help you at all, and how much time you spent, and I’ll pay you.

Your book is incredible, and has really helped me. Do you do personal coaching? Can you come speak to my organization?

Unfortunately, I am not able to offer personal coaching, consults or speaking engagements at this time.

I’m not sure if I have the money to spare; your book is kind of expensive. Is it really a good investment?

In addition to my NP education, I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars, thousands of hours of practice, and hundreds of hours in retreats, conferences, seminars and books about mindfulness, meditation and other self-healing practices so that you don’t have to. You get all of that expertise distilled into five-minute chunks of time that can help save your job, career, happiness, relationships, and your sanity. The exercises in this book take a grand total of less than two hours to complete over twenty-one days. How can you afford to NOT buy this book?

Why should I trust you? Is this a scam where you’re going to take my money and give me a worthless e-book?

Check out the book reviews by prominent NP bloggers Dr Jenni and Nurse Barb and the Testimonials to see what others have said about this book. I believe anyone can learn mindfulness, and that it can benefit everyone to at least some degree. I  reference studies and information from many other sources showing that mindfulness truly helps burnout, and I show you how to do it yourself.

I wrote this book as much for myself as for all of you. I was feeling pretty burned out, and needed something to help me systematize my knowledge about how I had avoided burnout up to that point, so I started doing research on how and why it works. Suddenly, I had names for all of the mindfulness “tricks” I had been using for years, and the idea came to me of attaching different types of mindfulness to different parts of my workday. And I thought: “oh my God, this would be an incredible tool to share with other people!” Thus the Burnout Recovery Guide was born.

Can’t I get the information in your book for free online?

Yes, you can. But to do so, you would have to put in hundreds hours of research on the thousands of sites dedicated to the topics of burnout, compassion fatigue, mindfulness and meditation. Hundreds of those sites relate specifically to healthcare, and scores are specific to nurse practitioners. You will also need to check into the hundreds of different research studies performed on the subjects.

However, none of the above information sources are set up in the form of a workday so you can put them to use systematically and immediately in five minutes a day. To get it in that format, you would need to spend another few hundred hours synthesizing the information in a way that made sense to you and was usable immediately.

Or, you could buy my book.

What is the #1 secret to burnout relief?

Pay attention to the present moment.

So what exactly is included? What am I buying?

In the Basic Version, you get the Burnout Recovery Guide e-book itself. The e-book includes all of the text for all twenty-one days, as well as a full bibliography for sources that I actively used in writing the guide. I include references to the content included in the multimedia package, but not the multimedia content itself.

In the Premium Version, you get the above plus the multimedia content, which includes PDFs, sound and video files. PDFs include the full text of  over twenty research studies, worksheets and handouts. Audio files include me reading the entire Burnout Recovery Guide as an audio book, as well as nearly three hours of interviews with experts in the field. I also include two short videos about 1) dealing with upset people and 2) looking forward to and remembering patients who make you happy.

You can also upgrade from the Basic to Premium version, at which point you would gain access to the Multimedia Content in addition to the e-book.

How long until I start seeing results?

My #1 guinea pig, who had no experience with mindfulness or meditation prior to reading this book, told me that she started seeing results on day one, and that by the end of day five she was feeling much better.

I have seen similar results in others: You are likely to start feeling a little better immediately on starting, and after a few days it starts to sink in and make more sense, and then you really start noticing a difference in your burnout symptoms.

What is the #1 reason I should sign up right now?

Right now is the only time you can make a difference. And you can continue making a difference from moment to moment, in the present.