Enjoy A Mindful “Date Night”

Make a mindful “date night” with a favorite person or activity for TODAY. Even if it’s only a five-minute “date,” you will thank yourself. This “date” does not have to be with a romantic partner, though it certainly can be. It can be any person, pet or activity that brings you joy. The idea of an activity date night might seem weird to some people, so here is an example from my life:

For me, singing in choir is my “activity” date night. I love singing, but because I am so busy, on choir night I often think: “gosh, I don’t have time to do this. I’m just too tired anyway. Maybe I should skip choir tonight and work on my to-do list or just rest.” Then I remember: “Nope, choir is my date night for myself. I will go to choir, because I always feel better about life, more energized, and fulfilled when I do.” Then I go to choir.

Sometimes I have to drag my sorry butt to choir almost literally, but the moment I arrive, I always think to myself: “I did the right thing. I feel so much better now.” Happy sigh. Any activity that does that for you can be a “date night” with yourself and your activity. Cherish them, and don’t let anything get in the way!

Dedicating time to people and things that we love is nourishing to our spirit, and important for our optimal functioning as humans. Just like good employers keep us working at the “top of our license,” taking care of yourself in all areas allows you to work at the “top of your game.” You deserve it.

Take Care of You!